• Vitamin injections

    • Vitamin B12 £30

    Increase Energy Levels, Increases Red Blood Cell Production, Helps Regulate Sleep, Mood and Appetite, Detoxifies The Body

    • Vitamin C £40

    Improved energy and stamina, Improved sleep quality, Higher metabolism, Improved Mental Clarity, Balanced Immune System




    Frequently asked questions

    Who should not be treated?
    I undertake a full assessment of suitability prior to treatment. However, vitamin C injections should not be used in patients that are pregnant or breastfeeding, kidney or liver disease, iron or folic acid deficiency, lebers disease, Thalassaemia, Hemochromatosis, Sideroblastic anaemia.

    How often can I do the injections?
    • Vitamin shots are most effective when taken at regular intervals
    • For new users or those who feel their levels are particularly low we recommend once weekly for 4 weeks followed by once a month although a regular injection schedule can be individualized.