Lip Filler

  • What are lip fillers?

    Lip fillers are made of hyaluronic acid — a sugar which is found naturally in the body. Lip fillers provide a quick and easy way to add extra volume and definition to lips.


    • Lip filler (lasts on average 6-9 months)
      • 1ml £190
      • 1.5ml £290
      • 2ml £370
    • Russian lip technique (lasts on average 6-9 months)
      • 1ml £200
      • 1.5ml £300
      • 2ml £380
    • Premium lip filler injections (lasts on average 6-12 months)
      • 0.5ml Juvederm £180
      • 1ml Juvederm £280




    Frequently asked questions


    Does it hurt?

    The range of products I use already contains an anaesthetic known as lidocaine. In addition, I offer additional local anaesthesia to all patients, either in cream or injection form, to ensure that the procedure is comfortable and pain-free

    Are there any side effects?

    Common side-effects would include, temporary redness, tenderness, swelling and bruising.

    Who should not be treated?

    I undertake a full assessment of suitability prior to treatment, However lip fillers should not be used in patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding, those with infection or inflammation at the proposed site of injections. Patients with autoimmune disease. Fillers containing lidocaine: Patients who have allergy/hypersensitivity to lidocaine/local anaesthetic agents, hyaluronic acid or a history of severe anaphylactic shock.

    When can i expect to see results?

    Lip fillers deliver almost immediate results, final result after 2 weeks once swelling has settled.