Filler Dissolving

  • Filler dissolving

    A Hyalase injection is used for Dissolving Dermal Fillers quickly. If Dermal Fillers have been placed incorrectly, excessively or unevenly, or if a patient wishes to reverse the effect of a dermal filler treatment prematurely for other reasons.


    • Hyalase £150


    Frequently asked questions


    How soon will I see results?
    Some results of Hyalase injections will be visible immediately, with the full effects taking hold within 24 hours.

    Is it painful?
    I offer local anaesthetic to all patients to ensure the treatment is comfortable and pain free. Hyaluronidase is hardly felt and as soon as the injection is over, it is only minimally tender or not at all.

    Are there any side effects?
    There is a very small risk of an allergic reaction, There is also a small chance that if the patient chooses to have these injections, it could mean the filler dissolves more than anticipated, this is due to the breaking down of the hyaluronic acid.