Advanced Anti-Wrinkle ``Freeze`` Injections

  • Advanced Anti-Wrinkle 'Freeze' injection list

    • Brow Lift £120 (lasts around 3-6 months)
      ‘Freeze’ injections not only raises the ends of the eyebrows into a more pleasing arch, but also opens the eyes, making you look radiant and youthful.
    • Foxy eye £160 (lasts around 3-6 months)
      ‘Freeze’ injections lifts the outer corner of the upper eyelid to give you an almond shaped eye, loved by Bella Hadid & other supermodels.
    • Lip flip £100 (lasts around 3-6 months)
      ‘Freeze’ injections are used to flip the lip outwards making your lips look bigger, perfect for those who want to enhance lips without fillers.
    • Smokers lines £120 (lasts around 3-6 months)
      ‘Freeze’ injections can help prevent fine lines around the edges of the lips
    • Bunny lines £120 (lasts around 3-6 months)
      ‘Freeze’ injections can help prevent lines on the bridge or your nose
    • Nasolabial £130 (lasts around 3-6 months)
      ‘Freeze’ injections can help prevent lines forming between your nose and mouth – also known as ‘Laugh Lines’ or ‘Smile Lines’
    • Nose lift (tinkerbell) £100 (lasts around 3-6 months)
      Freeze’ injections can help lift the tip of the nose giving a lifted and lighter look.
    • Nose slimming £120 (lasts around 3-6 months)
      Freeze’ injections can keep nostrils from expanding too widely, stopping flaring.
    • Gummy smile £120 (lasts around 3-6 months)
      If you feel that showing a lot of gum is not what you want when you smile, ‘Freeze’ injections could be the solution you’ve been waiting for.
    • Marionettes £120 (lasts around 3-6 months)
      ‘Freeze’ injections prevent lines forming at the edges of your mouth & help to lift corners of the mouth.
    • Pebble chin £100 (lasts around 3-6 months)
      ‘Freeze injections can reduce the dimpling in your chin to give it a smoother, more defined appearance.
    • Masseter £250 (last around 6-12 months)
      ‘Freeze’ injections to the masseter is also a cure for teeth grinding. Strong masseter muscles give a wide jaw which in turn produces a square, masculine face. ‘Freeze’ injections shrinks the masseter muscles and slims the face. (Takes up to 6 weeks for full effect)
    • Platismal bands £320 (lasts around 3-5 months)
      ‘Freeze’ injections can significantly improve the long vertical bands in the neck that appear like guitar strings under the skin caused by the overuse of the platysma neck muscle.
    • Nerfititi neck lift £350 (lasts around 3-5 months)
      Named after the famous Egyptian Queen Nerfititi with her elegant swan-like neck. This procedure defines the jawline, lifts the corner of the mouth and combats sagging jowls.



    Frequently asked questions


    What are ‘Freeze’ injections? 
    Also known as Botulinum toxin. When injected in small doses ‘Freeze’ injections visibly smooths and improves the contours of the face, giving a more youthful look.

    Are there any side effects?
    Occasional side-effects would include, temporary redness, tenderness during injections and swelling,bruising at the injection site.

    Who should not be treated?
    I undertake a full assessment of suitability prior to the treatment. However, ‘Freeze’ injections should not be used in patients with, neuromuscular disorders, those who are taking certain muscle relaxants and antibodies such as aminoglycosides, pregnant or breastfeeding women, those with infection or inflammation at the proposed site of injections and bleeding disorders.

    When can i expect to see results?
    Anti-wrinkle ‘Freeze’ injections can take between 2 days and 2 weeks to take full effect.

    Is it painful?
    Any injection can hurt, but the needles used for ‘Freeze’ injections are very small so pain is usually minimal. In addition, i offer additional local anesthesia to all patients to ensure the procedure is comfortable and pain-free.